Shimla - About Queens of Hill Station - The Name Can Change Not Natural Beauty

 Shimla - Simla - Shayamala, The Name Can Change Not Natural Beauty. Simla now Shimla the summer capital of British Rule.  The ancient name was Shayamala, just as a name difference,  all the scenic beauty, delightful weather, cool breezing in summer time and the most fascinating thing of Shimla is snowfall without snow covered mountains around Shimla, the summer hill  not a complete package. Finding to visit a place like Shimla to see scenic beauty all around you. So i think no other place you can find like Shimla to visit.  If you like to watch natural beauty of India, definitely Shimla Special Hill Station Tour Package will prove the tour package of your choice and needs because this is hill station which is full of natural beauty and attracts the tourist from every corner of the world in summer seasons as it remains cool even high temperature in environment. Having numberless hills it is called queen of hills. It is also good spot for those tourists who like to indulge in adventure sports and activities like river rafting, angling for trout trekking and rock climbing. This is also good place for passing summer vacation with family and friends as this city holds all the things that are in vogue in current days. This is ideal spot for honeymooners too.
Shimla holds many popular malls which are free from pollution as the vehicular traffic is not allowed. On the middle bazaar there are shops which have attached mixed with residences. A tier below of the Middle Bazaar there is Lower Bazaar the famous Shimla Summer Festival in May or June every year lasting for 5-8 days, is celebrated on the Ridge. You have golden opportunity to visit Gaiety Theater on the Mall, opened on the 30th of May, 1887, QueenVictoria’s Jubilee Year. Now this theatre is being used as social club.

Viceregal Lodge is also is a worth visiting spot which is also known as Rashtrapati Niwas which was formerly the summer residence of the British Viceroys. A big ground makes this more beautiful. This lodge is declared as heritage building. Kufri is around 19 km highest point from Shimla which holds Himalayan Wild Life Zoo which hosts rare Antelopes, Birds and rare feline species. Besides of this Monal the state bird of Himachal Pradesh is worth watching India tour.
Tatta Pani is another attraction of the city. Taking bath in this holy river is considered good for skin. Here you will watch Pandas for Tula Dan which is known to be very effective if done at tattapani on a specific day. Shimla Hill Station cheap India tour packages also takes you to some places of worship where you will watch Kali Bari (a temple of the Hindu Goddess Kali) is near the Mall. There is also aJakhooTemplewhich is famous Hanuman Mandir and located at highest point in Shimla (2600 m above sea level. Sankat Mochan (HanumanTemple– the Monkey God) is located onShimla Kalka Highway.  Shimla also holds Gurudwara and many churches.

Summary of Shimla Season:

Season          Months                    Temperature   Conditions

Spring             March-April             10°C to 20°C     Clear skies. Occasional rain.
Summer         May- June                16°C to 28°C     Generally clear skies.
Monsoon        July-September       13°C to 20°C     Cool and humid. Continuous rain.
Autumn         October-Nov             10°C to 23°C     Skies are clear, chilly evenings.
Winter           Dec - Feb                   -7°C to 10°C      Generally dull weather. Frequent snowfall.  

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