Ajanta Caves - India's First World Heritage Site.

Ajanta caves is one of the first two world heritage site in India. Agra Fort and Ajanta caves inscribed on the same list of world heritage site at the Seventh Session by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 1983, By UNESCO India's first World Heritage Site Approved as Ajanta Caves and dignity of our great cultural part is located. These are the best masterpieces of Buddhist religious art and statues as amazing cave pictures the era that inspired the artists. The Caves Aurangabad district(Maharashtra) Soyagon Lenapur village in the taluka. it started build them in the first century BC and was Second century BC. sixth century from the fourth century after Christ, the monuments of the original furnishings in excellent and fascinating - the number of decorated caves were added. Centuries after the expiry of such singularities also unthinkable that the Ajanta Caves are force us to think of it. The imagination is so vast that our
ancestors and to realize these monuments as they would be so hard.

Pictures of Ajanta Caves - 
ajanta caves world heritage site
ajanta cave sculptures world heritage