Incredible India - the vibrant rich culture.

Incredible india vibrant culture
South Indian Traditional Dance
Tourism of India offers you vibrant tradition and widespread rich culture. In the Great Himalayas you can see the snow white top mountains to peninsula. Mountains, forests, deserts and beaches, all you will see in India. The snow-capped Himalayan ranges in the sheet and the highest in the world to the north, northeast and north-west is surrounded. An ancient and historic capital of India which is it attract more tourists. The Indian traditional culture is a rich in every states. In the world tourism, Contribution of India is attractive and makes the Indians so pride. In the North India, it is famous for landscapes and many ultimate hill stations. Many adventures activities such as ice-skating, paragliding and rock climbing are most popular specially in himachal Pradesh. Old British summer capital Shimla famous for skiing in near places. Dharamshala is a trekking destinations and Mc Ledonjganj is famous for Tibetan monasteries and Buddhist temples. Other most popular tourist destinations and hill stations like kullu, manali and kasauli near from Shimla and Chandigarh and world famous. Some of UNESCO World Heritage sites also near from these hill stations. Landscapes in Kashmir Valley attracts to around the world tourist for its scenic beauty, temples and mosques. Popular sites near Kashmir valley Dal lake, Srinagar , gulmarg and leh ladhakh etc. are also attract to tourists. When comes down in south India, kerala is a ultimate destination for foreigners, many of Indian famous beaches situated in this land. Popular Munnar hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, famous national parks, beaches it is a complete package in kerala for all. Goa has also world famous beaches, famous for Carnival events, church and rich with Portuguese culture. The World Famous the Taj Mahal historical place in Agra most visited site in India. India Gate, Lotus Temple and Qutab Minar etc. are important sites in Delhi, including the Red Fort these historical monuments makes India desperately from the world in tourism. Various pilgrimage destinations, temples, mosques and other religious places of the important places can go to visit. Asia is the world's high cultural activities in whole year and India gets separate identity of them. The four cities Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai keep their own identity. All these cities you can see the modern and the old culture.